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Visualize Austin traffic fatalities from another angle

Photo by Gunawan Kartapranata

under CC license

What is ScrAPD?

ScrAPD is a collection of tools that continuously and automatically collects traffic fatality information from the city of Austin, TX. The aggregated data is then made available for easy viewing in our ScrAPD dashboard.

ScrAPD’s constantly updated dashboard makes it easy for individuals and organizations advocating towards a safer city to have access to the latest traffic fatality data.

Data Sets

The ScrAPD web scraper generates data sets which populate our ScrAPD dashboard. Use the “JSON” and “CSV” buttons by the date picker to download a data set for a specified timeframe in the selected format.

The ScrAPD team is committed to transparency. You can find our data sets published on GitHub and Data.World.

Visualizing the data

In addition to our data sets, you can also view the data in a more visual way with clearly labeled charts and graphs.

Review distributions by gender, ethnicity, age, and other categories with our easy-to-read data visualizations.


The ScrAPD ecosystem is Open Source and hosted in the ScrAPD organization on Github. We welcome curious, compassionate collaborators to make meaningful contributions to the project

The general documentation is available here.

You can find the scraping tool we use to retrieve data at this link. and the source code for the dashboard here.

ScrAPD is a project developed by volunteers, mostly from Open Austin, a local organization solving civic problems. You can learn more about it on their website.